Wednesday, June 3, 2009


i'm supposed to be taking a semester final for my computer class right now, but i figured since this may be my last post for a while i might as well take advantage of the computer time.
yes ladies, the time has come.
the end of my senior year is finally here!
i havent sent out any graduation invitations, or anything like that, i wasnt sure i was going to graduate, so i was waiting.
graduation is on friday,
everyone on my dad's side of the family is coming to see me early friday afternoon, mathew and i are going to meet them here at the hotel they reserved in town.
my boyfriend is about to meet my dad for the first time.
he will be the first boyfriend who has ever met my dad.
then we will all head to graduation around 6,
then back to the hotel afterwards.
mathew and i may or may not spend the night there.
then my dad and stepmom are taking everyone out for a celebration lunch on saturday.
my boyfriend is so nervous! lol.
he is excited to meet everyone.
ive really been restricting hard for graduation,
i want to look amazing when i walk accross that stage.
my mom isnt going to be there,
neither will her side of the family.
they're not invited.
but it was completely her choice, she said "if uncle richard cant come, then i dont want to either"
she thought i was going to put up a fight.
she's a grown woman,
she shouldn't have been so childish.
im going to go actually work on this test now.
i will post again asap.
everyone take a look at my new story, comment and let me know what you think, okay?
wish me luck!
love you all!!!