Saturday, November 21, 2009

ok. so im gonna need info to get ahold of you lol.

just send me an email at and i will send you my phone number so we can keep in contact. thanks for the shoutout mel! hee hee.

still a fat ass.

im sorry its been so long since ive posted. i still dont have a home computer and so im taking it all day by day. im excited to hear that so many of you are interested in the abc diet! thank you so much for your support. leave me a comment with your email and i will get on it monday. promise! then we can start. im still falling. new boyfriend is turning out to be a total frog.
would still appreciate a texting buddy for support on pulling me back up.
still a fat ass.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

ABC diet.

ok. so i have been thinking for a little while on how to lose the excess weight so i can get back to my old self. and i came up with the 50 day ABC diet.
but i could really use someones support.
so if youre interested in starting here in the next few days then i would really appreciate your support.
im really really really intent on losing the extra weight.
i used to be around 120
im up to 157 in the past 3 months.
im a fucking disgusting cow. even moreso now than 3 months ago.
and i REALLY need to get all of this off.
there have been people who have lost up to 20 lbs in the 50 days. so im gonna triple my time.
i wanna get down to 98 lbs as soon as i can.
so super strict restriction and low caloric intake, my gym membership, and lots of water are gonna get me there.
if youre interested i will send you the list that i have of the different days and calorie intakes for those days. if youre ready for 150 days or even a few weeks i could really really really use the help.
im not at my best right now and i know that without someone pushing me i might not be strong enough to do it.
so im begging.
just drop me a comment.
please and thank you.

Friday, November 13, 2009

im back and im distressed.

hey everyone. sorry for my long absence. ive been so busy with life.
im back now, and im as fat as ever.
ive been eating like a cow.
and yes, it is as bad as it seems.
double cheeseburgers and milkshakes, french fries and cookies, brownies and gallons of diet coke and diet dr.pepper.
i have lost my willpower.
i desperately need help. DESPERATELY.
so please...please...pretty pretty please.
if you are reading this comment me and let me know if you can help.
i need someone to keep a hold on me.
someone to help me get my willpower back.
a buddy with unlimited text and talk would be amazing.