Monday, July 13, 2009

she's a slut, and you're F%&#$*G retarded.

i really do apologize for not blogging sooner.
ive been really busy with work and everything.
i see that i have 60 followers now...woo hoo!!!
so its been a little over a month now and my life has changed pretty drastically.
two days before graduation mathew broke up with me.
turns out he was screwing his BEST FRIENDS EX GIRLFRIEND!!
he told me it was over and there was no "sweet talking" (his words) him back into getting with me.
so after a couple of days of just laying in bed, overdosing myself on nyquil and watching old sad movies my mom pulled me from my mess and made me sit through graduation.
so i was cheated on.
never should have left dylon.
i hope mathew pulls my blog up on his computer history and reads this.
just in case you're reading this mathew, i dont miss you, the sex was bad, and you should really think about getting your nasty ape feet checked out. i hope your new girlfriend can handle your tiny dick and your bad attitude, and your immaturity...oh, and your hairy crack...did i leave anything out? um...your body odor, your nasty smelling hair, your bad driving, your constant whining, your messy room, your nasty breath, your habit of stealing cigarettes right out of people's hands, your bad taste in music, your stupidity, your all over ugliness...oh, and she's a slut, but not half as much as you are. did i mention that?
i hate you both and i hope you both burn in hell together,
i never should have left dylon for you.
and i dont see what everyone sees in you.
you're not as amazing as i told you you were.
hope i didnt leave anything out,
i want to insult you in every way possible.
did i mention that it wasnt hurtful that you broke up with me, or even cheated on me...but with her?
grow a pair.
oh...and you owe me money.
so the whole food thing has pretty much gone down hill.
and without sex my exercise has kind of slacked off too.
i really wish i had time to write in the story, but i only get thirty minutes.
i promise that im going to try as hard as i can to get to all of your blogs.
i hope you have all managed to be stronger than i have.
im still hoping for a miracle!
graduation went okay for those of you who are wondering.
my mom cried,
and invited my exgirlfriend along to help ease the pain of losing mathew.
i miss dylon.
but he's already moved on to some beautiful girl from indiana named Sydney.
anyone have any ideas on how to move on?
gonna start looking for these gastric balloon pills that expand in your stomach.
109 dollars.
still tired, and kind of stressed.
gonna go look for a book to read now.
i want to know how you all have been doing,
so leave me a comment okay?
promise i'll return the favor as soon as i get the chance to get back here.
keep your fingers crossed that i will get my own home computer here soon, okay?
love you all.
remember, nothing tastes as good as thin feels!!!
mwuah mwuah
amybear <3