Tuesday, January 4, 2011

so i was sad...

after i got off of work today and raced to the mall to get an internet connection and i saw that no one had commented me :( 
as of yesterday i am committed.
i have done extremely well and even got my boyfriend to eat healthy dinners so that i can lose all of this extra weight from the holidays.
we ate soup last night and salads the night before that.
i havent been drinking sodas or eating anything that could make me gain an ounce.
i have been awake since 5 this morning and have yet to eat a single bite of anything.
i am really proud of my newfound willpower.
i think i might actually be ok this time!
i WILL be into a bikini by this summer.
i WILL be 50 lbs lighter by my one year anniversary with my boyfriend.
i have missed blogging. i remember sitting in my computer class my senior year of high school and spending the entire hour blogging and looking up thinspo.
i have missed you ladies so much!
but i promise that now that i am back on track i will try my hardest to update you all at least once a week.
please dont give up on my yet :)
well i have to get going. its time for me to go home and clean and feed my kitty cat and all of that
i will be strong
think thin ladies.
nothing tastes as good as skinny feels
hugs and kisses