Thursday, December 2, 2010

a quick update on my life

hello everyone!
i know its been forever since ive posted on this thing. and ive missed you all dearly. i think about this every day. how i need to get to the library to get in touch with all of my loyal followers and let everyone know how im doing.
im as fat as ever.
190 pounds.
im disgusting i dont even like looking in the mirrior. i need to get a computer at home so i can blog and stay on track. your words of encouragement are what kept me on track for so long.
please comment this.
i want to make this a daily thing but with my work schedule and my boyfriend taking up all of my time i dont know if i will be able to make a promise like that.
i met a guy at community service. service.
we live together in our little one bedroom apartment and celebrated 7 months together yesterday,
i am gaining weight like crazy.
i have lost all self control.
someone please help!!!!
i love you all to death!
hugs and kisses from the whale named daisy.


  1. Aw Daisy, you got a boyfraaaannnn!!!!
    I want one ;)

    You can get back on track girl. Just start slow and easy your way back in!
    You got this.

  2. hugs and kisses back!
    listen, i understand that you think it's hard now, it may seem like a point of no return occasionally, but it's not true, you CAN do this. we're all here for one another, and no matter what point you're at, you can climb back up that mountain.

  3. i'm hungry right now! LAST NIGHT I WAS STARVING AND SO PROUD. today i ate -- and threw up..fucking shit!!! Help me help you help me. Be hungry with me. Please. You can do it. We can do it.

    Empty Water Bottles Piled High In My Trash Can

  4. I have honestly, truly missed you.

    I hope you blog more and more often and know that you CAN lose what you're gained and then some.

    All it takes is establishing a new routine and some will-power.

    We're all here for you!