Wednesday, December 28, 2011

hello again lol

im starting to think maybe i had it all wrong in high school. maybe i was going about all of this the wrong way.
dennis and i will be together one year and eight months come january first,
and he knows about my sketchy dieting past, and saw the pictures of me when i was thin.
and he also made sure to tell me that he wont have any of "that throwing up crap" while were together
so its him or ed.
im at an astonishing weight.
so big and fucking fat i dont really feel comfortable posting it.
i hope you all understand.
and im looking for a way to lose weight that might not throw me into that frame of mind again.
but what he doesnt understand is that is really the only way i know how to do it.
you know?
im waiting for new years.
to give myself a fresh start, and a clean slate.
also, we got a computer for christmas and so ill be able to post more often.
that will definately keep my head in the game.
but im really going to try to do it without going too overboard
i really dont want to lose him.

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