Saturday, December 31, 2011

the sudden change in life

D. left to work on some shutters for a house with my dad.
so im here alone in the room with nannie in the living room and i thought id post a little bit.
first of all im really looking forward to getting my blog out there.
i really missed all of the girls i commented back and forth with a couple of years back and it makes me sad that theyre not blogging anymore.
so ive been cruising ana blogs and leaving comments and following a lot of new people so im hoping it works.
i never should have left lol.
im itching to get home to the south and get back to my diet.
i dropped 15 lbs in just a couple of months but i wouldnt be surprised if id gained it all back the way ive been eating up here
my dad loves food. and he takes me out to eat and is always making something and makes sure the kitchen stays stocked full of sweets and snacks.
i dont keep my house like that so its easier.
but what the hell, im on vacation.
i wont be getting another one for a long time, and i havent spent any time with my dad since i graduated from high school.
so im loosening up for the holidays.
but as soon as i get home its water fasting and master clensing for me you can be sure of that.
i dont know where this belly came from
one second i was thin and completely comfortable with my body, and the next im fucking 50 pounds heavier.
this blog was a big reason i stuck to it for so long
so im going to keep blogging, and diet like crazy as soon as i get home.
leave me comments lovleys

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  1. I'm glad you're back. I've definitely missed you! Happy New Year!