Thursday, January 24, 2013

sweet dreams are made of these...

i cant sleep again. which really sucks because i have to be up early so i can meet K for our workout. today i hauled my fat disgusting self up and jogged four miles, i wore a trash bag as usual to ensure sweating. by the time we were done i was completely covered and feeling great.i finished all 100 oz of water today and kept it under 1000 as promised. i had a small bowl of chicken noodle soup for breakfast after my morning coffee. at 4:30 i made a piece of grilled chicken and some steamed broccoli for dinner and after my process technology class i ate a yogurt with some chopped unsalted peanuts for a little extra protein so maybe i wont be as sore tomorrow. i know that it will go away the longer i keep up with this. i just want to feel good about myself on my wedding day, standing up in front of all of my family and friends. its time to take back my body. i just want to feel pretty in my own skin . i'm going to make this happen if it fucking kills me. i hope that you are all doing well. weigh in on saturday! i'd lost four pounds last weigh in so lets hope this next one goes as well. i've really been working my ass off so i'm hoping for big progress.

will post again soon lovelys
sweet dreams...
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  1. hey. I just found your blog and am really liking it! Am following you and can't wait to go and read from the start.

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  2. Found your blog today but for the life of me I can't figure out how to follow you! Help"