Monday, March 9, 2009

im baaaack. =)

i turned 18 friday, and i dont remember any of it. lmao.
got waaaaaaaay too messed up.
and didnt sleep for more than 2 days.
it was great.
i had phone sex with dylon a grand total of 6 times yesterday.
i dont know what it was with him,
but he wouldnt leave me alone.
at last, once it was about 2:30 in the morning (4 hours until i had to get up for school)
we had phone sex one last time and then he started to fall asleep on the phone.
i really love the way he breaths when he's sleeping.
deep, and slow, and really calm.
i havent eaten anything so far today,
probably only consumed 1000 calories over the past 4 days.
when one has vodka, one needs nothing else. (except marijuana!)
funny thing is, i dont get the munchies anymore.
anywho, im back now.
back with a vengance.
hope you all missed me
because i missed you all.
much love
stay strong


  1. lol, sounds like your birthday was crazy :) Congrats on being legal:D

  2. I hope you had an awesome time - your birthday sounds crazzzy :)
    I wish I didn't get the munchies! I hate when I get them. Grrrr.
    Stay strong <3

  3. Hey happy belated birthday (:

    Randomly came across your blog, but hope you had a great day..!!


  4. Happy late birthday! I never got the munchies when I used to smoke pot luckily! And I love falling asleep on the phone late at night.. I love listening to my boyfriend breathing in his sleep.. sometimes I stay awake in his arms just to listen to him sleep :) Take care! My 21st is in August and I'm psyched! I won't remember any of it!

  5. Happy Belated. Hope it was excellent love! And yes, I've always felt the weed goes well with alcohol. I prefer about half a bottle of rum, however. Mmm...spinny rooms =)