Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like...

Well, D is off to work and i'm here by myself, watching (gasp) Jersey Shore.
They're fighting. Again.
The big one is all fucked up on that HGH and the Situation is all pain pilled out and they're about to go insane on each other.
And we are supposed to future of America?
Our children?

We decided not to spend all of our money on our nieces and nephews this year. The year before last we bought for D's four nieces and nephew, and then last year we spent a small fortune on my five nieces and nephew.

yeah, that's nine. From just my brother and his sister.
our siblings are fertile.

So I think he's gonna freak on Christmas morning :)
Honestly, after I was about 13 and my brother was moved out and it was just me and my mom, Christmas at our house was pretty bleak. It got to where we stopped putting up a tree or anything. My mom was going blind and couldn't see to drive around christmas shopping.

But after I found D, and he was so enthusiastic about the Holidays i started to find my Christmas spirit again. Even my mom was getting in on it.

I'm really excited to spend an entire week on Christmas vacation with him, and after Christmas we get to lay down the wood flooring our lanlord bought for our house :)

We've been talking about cutting back on the cigarettes, drinking, and crap so that we can get a new car. I'm         just tired of being broke because we're inviting over friends and entertaining three or four nights a week and buying alcohol, not to mention the pack of cigarettes we each smoke every day. I've been a pack a day smoker since i was 13 so...8 years, and i'm ready to quit so I can be around for a while. I don't want to have lung cancer, or not be able to do simple things because I can't breathe : /

So we'll see how the New Year's Resolution works.

Hope all is well in your homes.
Happy Holidays :)

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