Monday, November 24, 2008

the best and the worst weekend ever i went straight to crystals house on friday afternoon and ended up spending the night. we went to steveos house and babysat his little sisters. linsee and leslie. when we got back her totally hot older brother, Adam, was passed out from all of the alcohol in his system, on the couch. we decided to go to the convenient store and get a drink. on the way back we were stopped by a police officer. who ran a check on us, and we passed, he gave us a ride in the back of the cop car. yay!! ok...then on Saturday we went BACK to steveos, and it was me, crystal, steveo, and jazzy. we ended up going over to steveos friend Sean's house to drink. i spent 60 dollars that i didnt really have on booze. got completely fucked up. and ended up making out with this guy anthony. ugh. crystal came and saved me. and we all went outside and we were hanging out when crystals brother, adam, shows up. (his friend lives in the same apt. complex as Sean) anyway, i was sitting there, talking to a very fucked up Adam. and he grabs my face and starts kissing me. yeah...needless to say crystal was kind of mad. i ended up cheating on dylon. i screwed around, and im living with these huge hickies all over my fucking neck with no way to cover them up, no way to make them go away. i get really skanky when ive been drinking i guess. im really disgusted with myself.

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