Wednesday, November 12, 2008

If you had the opportunity to write as a career, what would you write?

(thank you in advance to the "one minute writer" for the prompt!)

i would write books. i would be a published author living off of the income from my literature. i would write about real life stuff. teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, marriage, kids, eating disorders, all of that completely infatuates me. ive written a book, and im hoping to get it published as a book for young teens. its called "battlescars" and its all about this girl Skye's teenage a freshman in high school she falls in love with a senior named Reyes, who has his own apartment, and car. she ends up pregnant, and the book is mainly about their life together, during her pregnancy and up until the baby is about 3. Skye has a little girl, and names her Annabell. Reyes' behavior towards Skye becomes mean and abusive. he starts to hit her. all the while reyes is cheating on skye with skye's slutty best friend, Nina. eventually, into skye's senior year of high school, she meets a guy named Rick. Rick lives alone in an apartment, drives a nice car, comes from a well-off family, has a steady job. he saves Skye and Annabell from Reyes. he opens his home to them one night after a particularly rough fight with Reyes, and eventually Skye and Annabell just sort of become a fixture in Rick's life.

its a good book =) im very proud of it.
maybe one day i can write another one, and possibly become the writer ive always wanted to be.

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  1. why do both boys have "own apartment, and nice cars"........Here it sounds more like your desire from your boyfriend... isn't it...