Wednesday, October 15, 2008


is it wrong that i dont want Dylon to talk to "stephie"?
"stephie" is Dylons ex girlfriend, who is all pissy becuse dylon hasnt been talking to her as much lately.
because hes been talking to me...his girlfriend.
it really sucks because i know that he cares about her, he hasnt tried to hide it, and i tell him that its alright with me if he talks to her, and that i dont care, but as soon as he said that he thinks shes getting pissy because of me, i think i just all of a sudden got jealous.
i love him.
and i dont know about this whole...stephie situation.
mark is being really wierd lately.
he says hes taking dakota to paris for a year in 6 months so they can start her education
hes not going to prison after all.
i hope he can raise her so that she wont turn out like him.
she deserves more than a heroin addict for a father.
i love him, and i care about him a lot, and im worried for dakota.
she already lost brandon(her father) and her mom, Mark is basically all she has.
and he better not screw that up.
i need a petname for dylon.
he calls me amybear still,
i think it may be the cutest thing on earth :)

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