Friday, October 3, 2008

back in the middle of chaos...

he called me again last night.
we agreed that we wouldnt work as a couple, but that we both like where we are.
"no matter what you'll always be my love"
i wanted him immensly last night.
but we have an inspection of our apartment coming up on next wednsday, and ive been unbelievably busy.
i was at school, i went straight from last period to detention, and from detention to work, and from work to the store, and from the store to the shower, and from the shower to bed.
its going to be pretty much the same crap tonight.
i have to go to pay the electric bill today. but at least i dont have detention.
i cant wait until things calm down a little.
i would appreciate normal so much more if i could just get back to it.
i hope raymond buys me lunch today, because im starving and broke.
i want a chicken sandwich =(
the principal of my school is a dumb bitch.
she keeps talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking.
dude...i have a mother. if i wanted a woman to gab my ear off id call her, seeing as how shes amazing at it.
my god shes amazing at talking...
i swear i spend half of my day listening to people talk, and the other half smoking. haha.
speaking of smoking, i left my cigarettes at home this morning, i have a long weekend ahead of me and i really dont have the money to be buying cigarettes to acccomodate my stress levels.
i really wish Mark wasnt a heroin addict.
why am i in love with a heroin addict?

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