Thursday, October 9, 2008

three days of freedom and stress...(thursday)

so i made a mistake and messaged some people on marks friends list.
told him it was my crazy ex girlfriend, and now i think were ok.
he said, and i quote. "one more person gets a message and its war"
when i asked "war with who?"
he replied "you"
he says i know too much about him.
i love him so much and im not sure if i could live if he was mad at me.
when i called him last night, he was drinking absinthe with bella donna and he had taken an overdose of heroin and 50 valium.
i told him that if he died i would kill myself.
i told him all it would take is a bottle of my moms asprin and her heart medication,
she has high blood pressure, and the medicine slows down the heart rate.
im not sure i would have done it.
he scared me last night.

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