Monday, October 27, 2008

dammit i hate mondays.

im really missing dylon. he called me friday i think...i did something seriously messed up this weekend that i really regret. i realized that right after i got home at 6 am and cried because i was scared that i was losing control of myself. i eventually passed out.
it was the mushrooms.
they were making me vibrate...
and every thought i had ever had all came at me at was scary...i was so tripped out that i couldnt even see where i was, or where i was going for that matter.
eventually the dizziness wore off and i was alright.
Teresa had a miscarriage, and shes really torn up about it.
i dont know if i could ever suffer through losing a part of myself...
i might have to die too...
but teresa has her son, John, and her husband Jason, so maybe she can muster through it all.
poor baby.
i dont really feel like writing anymore...

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