Friday, October 24, 2008

-sigh- and god continues to prove to me how much better he is at this game than i am

Dylon's phone bill hasnt been payed in 2 months. the fault of his father. who regretted to inform him that he had skipped out on the bill, so dylon is now calling me from his cousins phone. and not being able to send daily text messages, and let him know when im at work is making this even harder. he called me last night from his cousin Jason's phone just to let me know. im about 5 minutes away from just paying the bill my damn self.
but im not sure how mommie dearest would feel about that...
i consumed all of 800 calories yesterday.
a slim fast...a grilled chicken salad...a snack bar...and my pathetic little dinner.
not to mention the three a.m apple sauce i ate.
it was yummy -pats belly-
oh yeah, the half of a graham cracker, half a teaspoon of peanut butter,and the apple slice i had as a snack.
almost cheated on dylon with mark last night.
but i didnt.
today is pep rally day...everyone is dressed up "old skool" (the theme)
saw a girl in the hallway wearing a skirt that was too short, a sweater and some stilleto heels...HOT.
but today i went with plaid slacks, and a brown tshirt with a hand giving the peace sign.

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