Thursday, October 23, 2008

nEvEr say NeVeR...

so i started a food journal last night. it consists of a date, what i ate on that day, and how i plan to fix my habits for the next day.
im planning on a grilled chicken salad for lunch today, and maybe some apples and carrots once i (finally) get home.
dylon fell asleep last night before i got off of work.
i hope he plans on staying awake tonight.
and Sunday morning hes all mine.
he...however...doesnt know this yet, so i'd appreciate it if you wouldnt tell him, lmao.
he isnt feeling well 'sinus problems' he says.
its getting chili outside, i walked onto our balcony this morning and almost froze to death!
im getting pretty hungry, but im thinking i can hold out until lunch.
maybe i can grab a diet coke, and eat the snack bar thing i brought during my lunch period, and then go get my salad during my off period (which is what we call lunch)
i need to wash clothes tonight, i can tell you that right now.
i cant remember the last time ive washed the jeans i have on right now.
they dont smell bad or anything, but they definately need to be washed.
my tummy is starting to hurt :(
im so happy to be off of work tonight.
last night, they had the lobby closed so we could get it redone. and so it was just drive thru, teresa comes out of the bathroom and says shes bleeding.
teresa is my manager at whataburger, were pretty close
teresa is 38 and pregnant.
she stayed until her relief got there, an older crazy woman...miss patty...she has a wobbly tooth on the front left side.
still waiting for it to fall out one of these days.
i will never end up like these my late thirties and fourties, still working at whataburger.
of course, never say never...

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