Tuesday, February 10, 2009

...and it's only tuesday...

okay, so here's my post from yesterday:


So the weekend was uneventful. Trying to get back on track with my eating. Have lost four pounds in the past 3 weeks though, so I’m pretty happy about that. Been working and going to school. Spent a lot of the weekend talking to Dylon on the phone. I was so sure that we were close to our end after he told me about Eric, and after we had those arguments, seriously, this whole past week, we were arguing and fighting about just little stupid shit, not even anything serious. I skipped all day on Friday, and we went to see that movie “The Uninvited” anyone looking for some kind of thinspiration should definitely check that movie out. Not to mention it’s pretty amazing. I was shocked at the end. Got into a pretty physical fight with my mom yesterday, but I guess we’re okay now. I have a lump or something on the back of my arm, two bruises on my right wrist, and some scratches on my face, neck and hands. (she should really think about clipping those nails).
Today, so far, I haven’t eaten anything, but I’m thinking I might go get a rice bowl, or something.
Oh! I almost forgot. Campbell’s Select Harvest has this Light soup, it’s only 50 calories a serving, and it’s pretty good. The southwestern style vegetable is my favorite.
I’ve been surviving off of this stuff
My weekend went like this
12:30- wake up, call dylon (because by the time I woke up I had already missed his call 5 or 6 times)
Talk to dylon for a couple of hours, maybe 3, lay in bed and pretty much do nothing.
3:30- eat one half can of soup, and a piece of 45 calorie bread, toasted (total: 95 calories!)
4:00- get ready for work
Immediately after work I call Dylon, and even last night we were on the phone until 2:30 a.m. when I get home I eat the other half can of soup, and one more piece of toast.
Daily caloric intake- 190 (that’s with NO snacking, and eating two entire meals a day!)
Also, I’m now spending an average of…7 hours a day on the phone on any given weekend, and around 4 hours a day during the school week.
That’s over 30 hours a week!
If I could get paid for that, I could make an amazing living.
I think I’m done for today, but I will keep you all posted and updated.
I know that I haven’t been posting as often, and I know that my posts are becoming less and less about food, but the truth is, I’m so ashamed of eating like a cow that I don’t want you all to have to read it. But I do appreciate you all being here for me, and commenting me. I love you all dearly!
Stay strong ladies!!!
Amybear <3

today, so far, i haven't eaten anything.
unless you count the vegan grilled cheese dipped in my magic soup i ate about 2:30-3:00 this morning.
so it's been about 7 hours since my last meal.
took 3 hydroxycut (cant remember how to spell it) this morning and my metabolism is raging and very angry that i havent fed myself yet.
i probably would have, had i not woken up almost an hour late this morning.
we'll blame my mom for that.
smoked a cigarette, took those pills, and drank a diet coke with some lime juice in it this morning.
was taking pictures of myself in the mirrior in my bathroom yesterday to send to dylon.
because now that he's so far away, i figured he deserves it.
before i finish what i was about to tell you all, i want to go back to about...eh....5 months ago.
im standing in front of the same mirrior in my bathroom that i was standing in front of last night, holding the same cell phone with the same camera, even wearing the same damn clothes. same beatles shirt, faded blue jeans, and black leather dickies belt.
the shirt was tight,
the jeans were tight,
the belt was 10 notches away from being too small.
i stood in front of that mirrior last night, and had to hold the shirt in the back to get the same look as i had in that shirt 5 months ago.
to get it to look tight.
the jeans now have almost 5 inches of empty space in them.
and the belt is 22 (i just counted) notches away from the end.
i sent the picture of the chubbier version of me to dylon, and then a picture of the new and improved dylon...
and for the first time since ive started all of this...
ive really SEEN the difference.
and...it makes it all worth it.
Dylon even said that he thinks my body is sexy.
that he loves my hips, and my stomach.
and he wants a picture of my stomach...
im hungry.
okay everyone
that's all for now!
stay strong everyone!!!
amybear <3

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