Tuesday, February 24, 2009


sitting in art class, listening to blue october, and waiting for the day to be over. think im might stop off for lunch somewhere here within the next few hours....or just go get a pack of cigarettes or something. i really could use a cigarette.
im getting my nose pierced here within the next couple of days.
im gonna have the whole artsy, drug addict, eating disordered, kind of painter thing going for me.
i think dylon really likes that.
i told him that i have a thing for skinny guys with bags under their eyes.
he said "guess what, sweetie, you found one!"
we had this...amazing phone sex, it was almost like we were...really together....i could really feel him inside of me. i could really feel his hands on my hips...squeezing...touching....holding...sweating....mhmm.....
i fall in love with him a little more every night.
i really dont know what i would do without him...
we were talking about names last night.
i was talking about how if i change my first name, then i wouldnt be "amybear" anymore. and he said that i would always be his amybear.
and then he said "maybe one day...maybe one day...you'll be amybear Beeson..."
Beeson is Dylon's last name...
it would be a dream come true to have dylon's last name...
anywho....ive still been eating like a cow.
and i need somebody's motivation, somebody's help...
if anyone can or wants to help me, it would be amazing.
i think im done posting for now.
think thin!!


  1. your blog is very real.. I like that. So I decided to follow your blog. I also wonder how you were able to personalize so many thing in your blog, because I think I'm technically retarded and cannot.

  2. I'd recommend stuffing yourself with more negative calorie foods. You'll feel better. You'll feel thinner. It'll motivate you. And you'll be less tempted by whatever else you may be eye-ing.

  3. Yeah, I agree with Ana (post above me). If you're craving food, eat negative cal food.

    And I hope I don't sound creepy, because we don't know each other at all, but I like reading your blog~ It's so honest. I like that a lot. :)