Thursday, February 19, 2009


awwww, thank you sophia, for calling me pretty =)
im sick today, detoxing myself from the diet pills, the cocaine, the weed, the liquor, and the numerous other pills i used to medicate myself with.
im done with all of that.
the only problem are all of the side effects from the detox.
my constant moving,
my spiders,
my mind moves at a million miles an hour.
and i felt like i couldnt breathe last night.
it was crazy...
i called dylon, and he just told me to calm down, and helped me get my mind off of it.
we had amazing phone sex.
and then had more amazing phone sex...
and then we were all cute and nerdy and dorky for a while.
i really love him.
we're adorable.
since im detoxing, i feel like im hungry all the time,
my body looks soooo much healthier and better.
my hipbones kind of poke out
my ribs are becoming more and more apparent.
and the zits are gone.
anywho...thank you for wishing me luck!
love you all
stay strong, think thin

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