Thursday, April 23, 2009

i hate relationships.

i dont know whether i should be pissed or just get over it.
he wasn't there this morning.
i waited for him in the art room just like i always do.
and he never came.
he didnt walk me to 1st period.
he was too busy smoking weed with some girl.
what am i supposed to think when he comes to school high...
without me?
should i be mad?


  1. hey, thanks for the follow and the comments - its means so much to know someone else knows whats its like living in this prison (today it feels like that, tomorrow maybe not). found it almost surreal reading all about you and then when you said you're also a daisy with the drugs, sex and anorexia... i can also really empathize with your having to care for your mom - my mom has lupus and somedays i fucking hate her for it but most days i feel guilty for making her sick.
    but anyway thanks for your comments and i love reading your page xoxo

  2. Hey, dove. Don't get into the drugs. Avoid them, if you can. Been there, done that, and the damage it does is terrible. If he's off doing that, ditch him as fast as you can. We have enough on our plates (haha pun!) and you don't need the extra stress.

    Don't let him hold you back, ok?

    Good luck. Stay strong. And be happy. You don't need him ♥