Friday, April 24, 2009

paint over me and glue me back together.

okay, im gonna post an update real quick and then im gonna go through as quick as i can and read and comment as many of your blogs as i can get to . im really trying here okay! lol.
havent eaten anything today so far.
had amazing sex yesterday.
my boyfriend stole my amazing fedora (sad face)
it's okay, i'll get it back.
in a fairly good mood.
ive started the short story on the past few months.
im gonna type it up and make another altered book (google it)
im gonna take a library book (hard cover) and paint with acrylic paint over the cover and the pages, paint backgrounds on the pages, and paste the words onto the painted backgrounds. of course some of the pages have to be glued together, because if i were to paint on EVERY PAGE i wouldnt be able to get the book shut!
plus, i dont have enough words to fill up the whole book.
but's gonna be like....a memory book for me and dylon.
im gonna put a picture of me and mathew in the end. and if me and mathew are together for any legnth of time then i'll do the same thing for him. i was thinking i might do one for me and kimmi (my ex girlfriend) but im not sure im gonna have the time with all of the schoolwork im gonna have to get caught up on here soon. i get my car back today!!
so excited!
okay lovlies, if you dont get a comment from me today, im sorry! i do try and read all of your blogs, i swear! but i love you all, thank you all for your amazing comments and words of encouragement. you've all really helped me get through these teribble times.
thanks again.
stay strong, think thin.
amy lee <3
(thats my middle name)


  1. aawww you're a daisy too!

  2. Hey doll!

    First off, thanks for your comment today <3

    And I am loving that altered book idea. I should do that. But it would have to be a book stolen from someone/where else because I'm way too anally-retentive with my own books. Nothing I own has any "character" as a result, lol.

    Also, jealous of your amazing sex. Whuut. Sigh. I need a man, badly. Haha.

    Have a nice weekend and keep up your good work. I need to follow you, I love your... spunky personality already =]

    muchlove, V

  3. Hello! I couldn't help but notice that you spelled your quote wrong. It's actually "Quod" with an "O" instead of an "A" for your headline.

    It's one of my favorite quotes. I have it tattooed on my lower stomach.

    I love your blog!