Wednesday, April 22, 2009

mathew has this...amazing body. this bulky chest...he's all tan and kind of muscular but still skinny, and most of all, he has this muscular back. i swear, there's not one ounce of fat on him. and all of these rail thin emo girls are always following him around.
so what does he want with me?
is it because he's sixteen and he needs someone who always has cigarettes?
is it because i know a million ways to get completely fucked up legally?
is it because i know everyone on earth who has drugs?
or does he really like spending time with me and being in my company?
i dont know...
i hope so.
havent talked to dylon...havent even sent him a text message. he's ignoring me. i wonder if he's having sex with other girls yet?
probably. he's too adorable to not have girls hit on him and follow him around.
why do these sexy, adorable, amazing looking guys like me?
im just the short, fat girl with the bad attitude and the amazing art ability.
that's all i am.
i wanna try that acai berry stuff.
i think it would help me to lose some of this extra weight.
had i just STUCK TO MY DIET i would be skinny as a rail right now.
instead im still a fat cow.
i cant get back on the wagon!
i love food too much!
i need help!

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