Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the saga continues. nothing has really changed.

still depressed, and missing my dylon.
i would give anything to hear him say "i love you amybear" to me again.
i NEVER should have done what i did.
now that im off of my period mathew and i are fucking like rabbits again.
yesterday in the backseat of my car, and again in his bed before i dropped him off at school.
and yes, we will probably do it again today after school.
i love sex.
today i went to mcdonalds and got one of their yummy steak and cheese bagels. total-a million calories. it was a bitch to get back up. but after two glasses of orange juice and some deep breathing i managed.
my throat still hurts.
it seems like lately i cant stop eating. my weight has stayed pretty much the same plus or minus a pound. but it just seems like every time i turn around im hungry again.
i need some fucking willpower.
what will dylon think if he does decide to take me back and i weigh 600 pounds?
im disgusting.
oh, and sophia ruins is right, this would be good material for a book.
new york times bestseller?
i'll write more soon.
love you all.
stay stronger than i am ladies.

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