Friday, May 1, 2009

"hola, this is amy, leave me a message"

hey everyone.
so it's been a crazy week.
underclassmen had these state issued tests all week so the seniors only have to attend today for attendance reasons. we've basically just been watching movies.
dating a 16 year old is harder than i could have imagined, we got into our first big fight on sunday:
i got off of work at about 7 sunday morning, and i decided i would give him a call, i wake him up, and we call a couple of more people, his brother, a friend of ours, and kristen, a friend of mine. we head out to the beach, we drive around, and were having a good time, we go back to kristen's house and hang out there.
i spent the whole day with him,
and then the unthinkable happens...
dylon calls.
and what do i do?
my dumb fat ass answers. and talks to dylon for 10 minutes.
he misses me, and his sister is in the hospital with cancer in her leg...they may have to amputate.
so for the whole drive home, mathew and i have a huge screaming fight in the front seat of the car, right in front of his little brother, and another person.
and just hasnt been the same.
we dont spend any time alone... just me and him.
we dont ever have time to talk.
we dont go on real dates.
its just me...and mathew...and at least one other person hanging out all the time.
the only time were alone is when were having sex, which is way less often here lately. and right after that it's right back to hanging out with other people.
he's never taken me anywhere nice
and i pay for EVERYTHING.
oh, and this morning, when i went to pick him up for school. another girl, a girl who just broke up with her boyfriend, a girl he used to date, walked out of his front door right after him.
"hey baby, can you give her a ride too"
what the hell?!?!?!
then there's natalie...a girl mathew has known for 8 years, a girl he's driving 30 miles away to see by himself on monday...without me.
how the hell would he feel if i decided i was gonna hang out with some guy he didnt know?
i miss dylon so much.
he called me last night and left me a voicemail. "im sorry you had to deal with me while i wasnt really sure who i was. im sorry."
i want to talk to him so badly.
he kind of laughed at my voicemail "hola, this is amy, leave me a message"
he said "haha hola amybear"
i wish i could upload it onto the computer from my ghetto ass little phone.
havent eaten anything so far.
more later.
love you all!!
think thin ladies.

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  1. I live in Indiana! =)
    I was so worried that you would think I was being mean, I worry about stupid things. I just wanted to let you know! =)