Tuesday, May 12, 2009

maybe im just paranoid??

so theres this girl...
her name is kelsey but everyone calls her Red.
she was at the beach the night we rolled on x.
and her and my boyfriend tried to take a walk on the beach together.
i said no.
i think theyre just friends but im not sure.
she's always there.
this morning when i went to pick him up she walked out of his house, too.
and automatically i was in a bad mood.
but...he promised me he's been faithful.
maybe theyre just friends...
maybe i'm just paranoid??
i dont even know.
i really like Red...
she's a cool person...but she really should understand that there's a line.
she cant just hang out with my boyfriend all the time.
but also...i dont want to seem too overbearing.
i dont want her to come between me and mathew.
i dont know...
anyway, i havent eaten anything today.
not yet, anyway.
im thinking i might actually go to taco bell and get a taco salad...maybe.
i reeeeeally wanted subway last night.
maybe i'll go to subway.
im so confused!
think thin ladies.
peace out.


  1. >_< Oh, that's tough
    Don't be afraid of seeming overbearing, your boyfriend has got to understand why that upsets you. You don't have to flip out to set boundaries- at least you shouldn't have to.

  2. did i mention that this girl...red...is totally like a thinspiration for me? her hipbones are beautiful.

  3. hun, I think that you should just confront him about it. I dont know how your relationship is but if I saw some hot girl walking out of my boyfriends house, both the slut and him would be dead LOL
    Just show him it bothers you and it would be beter if he reassures you that nothing is happening (or stop being so shady about it).

    And to your comment, yes its about my boyfriend. Ive been with him for a year now and I just still dont seem to understand why he is with me. I dont ever feel like I deserve him. :P

    Faithfully reading.