Friday, May 22, 2009

we are so happy for now.

so now that im back at school and everything is pretty much back to normal im pretty and mathew are doing pretty amazing. he even told me he loves me when i got out on monday and we were standing out at the back of the school, witing for my bus (my mom said i couldnt take the car to school because i was in trouble, that lasted all of about one day) and he was waiting with me, he was holding me really close, leaning against the wall, and he said
"there was something i was going to say to you when i saw you being taken away in handcuffs that day...i love you amy"
then he kissed me and held me even tighter.
we are so happy for now.
he keeps telling me that he wants to be with me forever and he will always love me...
it's only been 2 months...but im hoping he doesnt change his mind.
i really like this one.
as for eating?
i havent had anything but this piece of gum in my mouth right now.
yesterday i had a grilled chicken sandwich on a wheat bun with no mayonaise and extra pickles and then the day before that my mom made me eat chicken alfredo with brocolli with her.
ate about 3 bites before i stood up and told her i was sleepy.
gonna go get something small here in a little bit.
and maybe drink some water
trying to keep my intake to a bare minimum so i can stay cute for my extremely amazing, muscular boyfriend.
my period is almost over so you can bet that were going to be having amazing, crazy sex here in a day or so.
think thin ladies.
love you all
amybear <3


  1. Yaaay!
    Love is so wonderful.

  2. aw ^_^
    The boy I like is toned and beautiful, and I like to feel so precious and fragile in his arms.

  3. heyhey!
    god i love your blog! I read your whole story last night, began with that day your mum went to hospital ... and couldnt stop reading!
    to be honest i first thought matthew and you would be like ... nothing, cuz d sounds like a perfect guy - really nice! - but now I'm happy for you both. nice to see that he finally acted more mature if you want to call it like that :D
    keep writing, i love love looooove your blog!
    diente de león