Tuesday, May 26, 2009

oh...and we had sex.

i just wanna thank everyone for your comments.
i really appreciate all of you following me.
okay then,
so this weekend i worked extra hours to make money for all of my fines and bonds and stuff.
it really sucked.
the good news is my mom let me spend some extra time with mathew.
i ate dinner at his house on saturday night, and he came and picked me up after work yesterday morning and snuggled in my bed with me. (memorial day weekend. hope everyone had a great holiday!)
oh...and we had sex.
i went over to his house saturday morning and we layed together in his bed, kissing...and touching...and then we had this amazing, mind blowing sex that left me breathless.
then we took a walk to the park. and he pushed me against the railing of the playground and pulled up my sundress...
then we had sex again.
we went back to his house and layed together in his bed, he snuggled me until i fell asleep, then came and woke me up when his family was sitting down to dinner.
then i ate dinner with his family.
when you eat dinner with your boyfriends family, you cant be stupid and pile your plate full of food, but you dont want to insult his family either.
so i ate a slice of briskit (or however you spell it)
and a spoonfull of potato salad
a spoonfull of brocolli rice and cheese casarole (cant spell that word either)
and a piece of garlic bread
i skipped the barbequed sausage and the corn on the cob (didnt want to be picking corn out of my teeth, or drip or spill anything on myself)
then after dinner, mathew and i went on a short drive to a bookstore and just hung out until he drove me to work.
we spent sunday driving around and spending time together.
and then yesterday he came to see me at work right before i got off at 7 in the morning. he stayed and ate breakfast with me, and then we went back to my house and snuggled in my bed after we took a shower together. he couldnt keep his hands off of me.
he kept waking me up to have sex lol.
i love falling asleep with him next to me. he is so unbelievably warm! there is almost no need for a blanket when i snuggle with him.
he is an amazing snuggler.
i fall asleep so much easier when i have him there with me.
and when we dont fall asleep together in person, he will call me at night and talk to me until we both fall asleep on the phone.
he says he thinks im definately losing weight, and that it looks good on me.
he says he thinks its all the sex we're having, lol.
i feel amazing when im with him.
and that's all that counts.
well, i hope you all have enjoyed this post, comment me if you want.
i love you all.
think thin, stay strong.
amybear <3


  1. I want to be as close to the boy I love like how you're close to yours.
    stay strong (:

  2. Beautiful entry. I wish you both the best <3 I understand, too - I sleep so much better with my beau than I do at home. He makes me feel so safe.. It's like that feeling when you're a little kid and have no stresses. "Everything is going to be okay"

  3. that is beautiful, sounds like things are under control for you... i'm deeply envious, i wish i felt something close to this.

  4. I am sooo happy for you!
    It's so nice when you have someone like that!