Monday, May 11, 2009

i love being under the influence.

so this weekend was amazing, despite me coming out of it COMPLETELY COVERED in mosquito bites.
we rolled at the beach.
if you do x and you havent ever done it at the beach, i highly recommend it. the water was rippling to the bass of the music, there were clouds everywhere, and everything was spinning. i walked in the water, and sat in the sand, i spun in circles and laughed.
it was amazing.
but even more than that, i really enjoyed spending time with mathew. apparently we are back together. he kisses me, and holds my hand now.
we sat in my car on saturday night, at the beach, in the heat, away from the swarms of mosquitos, and just held each other and listened to eachother breathe.
it was...the way ive always wanted to feel with another person.
and then there was yesterday,
i decided since we had 7 x pills left that i wanted to do more right before i went to work.
so i popped one.
and rolled my ass off my whole shift.
i cleaned and stocked absoloutely everything.
and i was feeling so good by the time got home that i just layed in my bed with my blacklight and listened to old rock music and rolled my eyes back into my head.
because im a complete hippie like that.
i love being under the influence.
okay, and the entire weekend all i consumed was 4 chicken burritos, and half a can of soup.
in 3 days.
and i didnt even finish my chicken burritos, i ended up giving mathew most of them.
didnt even think about food for most of the weekend.
when you're rollin that's the last thing you're thinking about.

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