Friday, May 8, 2009

he broke up with me but im still his girlfriend?

good morning ladies.
thought i would start off with my intake for the rest of yesterday
i ate:
8 oz orange juice- 50 cals
4 oz slim fast- 80 cals
1/2 taco salad (no shell)- 100 cals
today, so far, ive had 2 bites of a koloche and 1/2 bottle of orange juice (mathew finished off what i didnt eat, boys are like garbage disposals)
so...were "broken up" but he still hangs out with me after school, and hugs and kisses me, he went to my house to see me last night, we went to the store for a diet coke and sat in my car and shared a wine flavored black and mild and just talked for a while.
he called me last night,
"i want you to touch yourself for me."
i thought he was joking with me for a while.
then he started to breathe all hard and heavy, and we had phone sex.
and this morning?
i picked him up, he's walked me to all of my classes, and hugs me tight right before he lets me go.
he doesnt kiss me at school anymore, or hold my hand, but he nudges my arm with his elbow until i get the hint to loop my arm through his.
i really like him.
anyway, i looked in the mirrior this morning. and already i feel sooooooo much better about myself.
everyone be proud of me! lol.
so i talked to dylon last night.
he's talking about how one day, he thinks there might be a chance that we can get back together.
my thoughts?
if i had a choice between him and mathew, i would pick mathew.
i think i like where we are right now.
just...hanging out.
okay everyone, big party at the beach tomorrow!
theres gonna be a lot of drinking.
i cant wait.
cant wait to be numb for a little while.
i asked mathew last night
"is it like you said? is it just another relationship?"
he replied "not really...and by not really i mean not at all."
okay, now to answer that comment.
i think it was...lina?
a koloche is a lot like a pig in a blanket, a piece of sausage wrapped in a roll and filled with cheese.
they taste amazing, but there insanely bad for you.
thats why i gave it all to mathew =)
yesterday, when we were cleaning out my car at a convenience store, he saw one of his teachers, and she said "mathew, what are you doing?"
he replied with "cleaning out my girlfriends car"
he broke up with me but im still his girlfriend?
im confused...if he wasnt so adorable then i would be mad...
but i cant resist his eyes!
i wanna post a picture of him soooo bad.
ill try to take a good one of him this weekend and see if i can get it up. mkay?
i think im gonna go read and comment all the blogs i can get to.
im done writing.
love everyone!
think thin ladies!!!
amybear <3 (im using amybear again because dylon and i are no longer angry at eachother)

1 comment:

  1. ohhh i wanna see the cute boy!
    and i adore beach parties, especially the oens with alcohol [for what is a party, with no alcoholic consumption?]
    and thats strange you guys are broken up but hes still referring to you as his girlfriend. maybe hes doing it cuz he regrets having broken up with you?
    lately ive been after the whole numb quest as well.

    good luck!

    XOXO Sophia Ruins <3