Friday, May 29, 2009

dear mom,

dear mom-

you make me want to tear my hair out.
no, this isnt a teenage phase
this is me being truthful.
when we argue, you automatically turn to your brother to help you out because you cant take me on yourself.
you are weak and helpless.
i am done trying to make you happy.
i am finished trying to make your life easier.
you are selfish.
you dont want anything to do with anyone who cant help you in some way or another.
i hope the infection you have is deadly.
i dont want to talk about my eating habits with you,
or the drugs i may or may not be on.
i dont want to hug you, or drive your crappy car.
i dont even like sitting next to you.
i cant wait until you die.
you talk too much.


  1. OMG! I know the feeling! Sometimes when I "talk with my mom" (i.e. my lips move and she has no idea I'm saying anything) its literally like I'm not even there. And she has the nerve to say that I'm ungrateful and a brat when a lot of the times she is just so selfish and self-centered!

  2. wow ... that was intense ...
    you wish her death?
    I know mums can be fuckers but dont wish her death :( makes me sad.