Thursday, May 28, 2009

trying hard as hell to do better than my family thought i would.

hey everyone.
im working hard to graduate next week.
trying hard as hell to do better than my family thought i would.
im working my ass off on algebra.
mathew has been really supportive and sweet about everything.
instead of seeing me right after school, he kisses me goodbye at the end of the day, and goes off to do his own thing for a while.
then we hang out during the evening, i drop him off at home. and he comes to see me at night around 9 or so.
i love it when he comes to see me.
we went to walmart together last night and had a blast. he's so goofy.
i think i might force him to go to subway with me today, because im starving.
i can get a 6 inch veggie delight.
and he can eat more than half of it! lol.
i eat a lot less now because he eats more than his share of every meal. lol.
i dont have just a whole lot to talk about today, but im still looking forward to reading everyone's comments!
oh. my intake today has consisted of orange juice and an m&m that mathew forced down my throat.
me and my friend laura are going to do this whole weight loss chalenge together this summer.
see who can lose more faster.
it'll be exciting.
love you all dearly
stay strong.
think thin.

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