Sunday, October 7, 2012

ahhhh so good to be back :)

the weather is finally starting to change here. i live close to the texas coast so we dont really get to enjoy the cold weather until late october and sometimes people wear shorts at christmas time. but it was only 57 today. i love the cooler weather. plus, once the weather cools down we finally get a break from all of the mosquitos!
i really have been doing better this past couple of days, really making consious decisions. taking it all really slow. weve been kind of broke lately so its been hard to please me and dennis at the same time. sometimes i have to make the sacrafices. thats what relationships are all about. im out of stuff to smoke so therefore im not suffering from the munchies, which can unravel everything. been filling up as much as i can with water and diet coke, and i really have been thinking about the green coffee extract. ive read a few things about it and it has all been good. they say that it works twice as well with the colon clense, and its cheaper than the healthe trim i was taking at more than eighty dollars a bottle.

just ready to feel good about myself again. im tired of hating the way i look in everything i put on.
dennis is sweet, always telling me how beautiful and gorgeous i am. and always telling me that i dont need to cut back on anything. but at the end of the day its all about how i feel about myself, and at the end of today im sure i will feel the same way i did at the end of yesterday. like crap.

i was reading some of my posts from 08 and 09 and i was laughing over how young and retarded i was. one second im all over one guy, and the next im in love with someone else. i remember some of it, but i dont remember ever being that dumb. i guess you have to grow up some time eh?

i had an interview with a pet store the other day and im really hoping i get it. ive always wanted to work with animals. my cousin worked for the same pet store about ten years ago and it looked like so much fun. i bought a laser pointer for my kitty cat today and he ran around like crazy trying to catch the little red light. wouldnt it be great for life to be as simple as it is for a house cat? sleep and eat and play and wait for mommy and daddy to come home so you can get attention. no self consiousness, no work, no bills, no worries.

i should probably be researching for my paper, which is due thursday, but i really dont feel up to it right now, i only get so many days off. I guess even research would be better than the crap that dennis has insisted on watching tonight. who, honestly, wants to waste time watching people run cars and motorcycles into walls...or each other...or whatever. after the first video or so it goes from funny to annoying. but there are some things that just come along with being in a relationship.

i really appreciate the comments. please keep them coming and i promise to comment you back! im back for good this time.

stay strong ladies!
daisy <3>

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  1. I hope you get the job! I absolutely hate job hunting! It's probably one of the most stressful things ever. My bf also loves stuff like that. He is very into this game about war I can't remember what it's called. But I guess guys are like that. :) but on the plus side it gives us girls time to do what we want eh?

    Have a good one and good luck! <3