Monday, October 8, 2012

the time has come, the walrus said....

so we decided to go look at venues today for the wedding. and after a couple of tours i started wondering why people feel the need to spend a years worth of income on a single event. after a venue (1475) dresses, tuxes, flowers, decor, food, booze, invitations, and all of the other things that come along with a wedding, im compelled to go to the beach with a preacher and get married barefoot in the sand. but i feel like every girl in the world secretly dreams about the day when they walk down the aisle and every person in the room turns to look at her in a beautiful white dress and tells her how beautiful she is and how happy they are for her.

ok....sorry, didnt mean to get all sappy on you.

its very important to look amazing and feel amazing on my wedding day, and im going to do whatever it takes to be proud of who i am come october next year (no day set yet)

school in about an hour, unfortunately.

in at about 800 cals for the day, no more tonight. Not bad for just getting back to it?

will do better tomorrow.

sorry for such a short post but my stomach is killing me :/

stay strong beautiful ladies

daisy <3>

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