Friday, October 5, 2012

Gorgeous Ladies!

hello lovlies!

well guess who finally joined the rest of the world in the 21st century? thats right amybear finally got the internet at her house lol so be expecting a lot more posts from me from now on. now that i can post anytime.

how has everyone been?

so dennis and i decided to start talking through some plans for a wedding!
 not saying engaged because he didnt formally ask or anything, but the planning has begun, and we're thinking around the end of october next year. and i am determined to look stunning in my wedding dress! so here we go again ladies. lets all keep our fingers crossed for each other lol.

been thinking about soul cycle classes, does anyone have an opinion on those?
hcg diet? has anyone had any kind of good experiences with that?
any kind of really really really strong diet pills that could get me started off right?

because it doesnt matter how pretty the tables and the decorations and the wedding party look. or how great the food and the music are if i look like a cow in my dress on my wedding day. and there is no reason why i cant look amazing if i have a year to get there right? please please please ladies comments are extremely appreciated!

i promise i will post as much as humanly possible from here on out now that i finally have the internet at my house and its easier to get on.

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