Tuesday, October 9, 2012

stressed and depressed :/

i probably shouldnt be posting right now. im supposed to be working on my financial aid paperwork for college if i plan on attending classes next semester i need to get everything in by the first of november. i came home from work and my house is a mess, the kitchen is a wreck, the tv was on full blast, theres water stains all over my glass coffee table and crap all over the place. like i have nothing better to do than run around cleaning up after everyone all of the time. im stressed out beyond the limit. im so tired of my uncle kenny living here. sure, he pays his part, but is it really worth playing cinderella? in almost three months hes washed one load of dishes. and the only laundry he does is his own. i spend my entire day off cleaning my house until its spotless and he comes home and throws his keys, wallet, various bottles of medicine, and whatever other crap he brings from his truck onto my dining room table. he spends his whole day getting drunk and making an ass out of himself. im sick of it.

either way, im up to 180 cals since i woke up at 6 this morning and im down two pounds since monday.
lets hope i can do better tomorrow.

im gonna get off of here because i have a million things to do .

stay strong ladies
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