Thursday, December 18, 2008

hunger pains?

i skipped my economics final.
i was having these teribble period cramps.
so im pretty proud of myself as of yesterday.
ive been trying to keep it under 700 calories a day
and i think im doing pretty well
as long as i stick to baby carrots and water for the rest of the day i should be ok
i ate a sammich this morning-250
and juice-50
400 calories right there
and then i ate a poptart to make crystal happy.
but i skipped dinner last night, and filled up on water and cigarettes, so im doing good
ill do the same tonight.
i think i might do yogurt and half an apple for breakfast tomorrow, and maybe a salad for lunch, and skip dinner,
i have to make up for lost time.
im going to buy a scale today!!!
im really excited.
wish me luck!!

on another subject
im done with adam.
hes been screwing around on me with another friend of his sisters
i cant believe that i was going to leave my boyfriend for him!
god im such an idiot when it comes to guys.
what a douche.

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