Tuesday, December 23, 2008

thank you for all of your support!!

sitting here.
at the library hoping no one is looking over my shoulder,
just want to thank you all for your support.
fell off my wagon and felt like shit for a couple of days.
but im back on now.
i looked at myself in the mirrior today and smiled for the first time in forever...
and i smiled.
i can feel hipbones,
and my face is so much thinner,
im so sick of being the one with the chubby cheeks.
im not that girl anymore.
and i owe it all to ana.
i ate an apple with about a tablespoon of peanutbutter today.
so that i would have the energy to walk here
its a pretty long walk.
been smoking cigarettes and drinking water to control my cravings.
i feel amazing and...clean today
i love it.
i can feel my stomach getting flatter, and my ribcage starting to show a little.
this is an amazing feeling.
people look when i walk past them
and i like that.
my boyfriend smiled when i was walking around in my bra this morning, looking for a shirt to go with my pants
i turned to him "what's that big smile for?"
he shrugged his shoulders..."nothing. i was just thinking that i have the most beautiful girlfriend in the entire world."
he was definately rewarded for that compliment.
i hear sex burns calories anyway.
hee hee.
im finally happy for the first time since i can remember
why would i screw it up by eating?


  1. that's really beautiful.
    i can't wait to get to that point where i'm "not that girl anymore".
    i am so glad to be romancing ana again.

  2. Ohh im so proud of you!
    this is so great to hear,
    you deserve all the happiness in the world, you've earned it.
    stay strong throughout the holidays, im sure you'll be fine.

  3. thank you both so much!
    if anyone ever wants to get in touch with me, just send an email to rainbowsanddaisies@yahoo.com, and ill be sure to reply!