Wednesday, December 10, 2008

lunch time yesterday...

so we went to crystal's house yesterday at lunch just like we do every day.
we were sitting in her living room as her mom left.
then it was just me, Crystal, Raymond...and Adam.
Crystal stands up "it's time to go, come on ya'll"
raymond stands up and they walk out the door.
i stay to talk to Adam
"so....what are you doing after school today?"
"nothing i dont guess."
we stand there for a minute, and he hugs me, and kisses my cheek.
the dog barks.
Adam is HER man.
he laughs, and hugs me tighter "do you like that Hershey? Do you like that?"
he kisses my cheek a few more times, because he thinks its funny to piss the really old dog off.
oh well....
i turn around
i walk towards him...
he holds his arms out and holds me close
we kiss...
for a few seconds
and then i pull away quite reluctantly.
i want him so bad...

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