Saturday, December 20, 2008

ok. so this is how it goes.

i stayed at crystals last night.
and we drove to houston to party. but the whole night all she did was complain.
yeah, i understand that her family is getting evicted, but even SHE said that she
wasnt going to let that get in the way of her having a good time.
so it completely sucked.
we went back to her house 2 hours earlier than expected, and i fell asleep.
i did pretty damn good yesterday
i had the yogurt- 50 cals
and then i had about 6 bottles of water
i split a salad with crystal (i gave her all of the chicken, the tomatoes, and the dressing.)
and at about 6 i ate one of those fresco bowls from taco bell, half of it was only about 150 calories
not to mention a diet coke.
i really felt like i wanted to throw up after we left taco bell, but because it would have invlolved sticking my fingers down my throat, i couldnt.
didnt want crystal to see anything.
but i made up for it today.
there was a binge of some leftover chinese, followed by a brownie, and a diet coke.
the rest is history.
not to mention i walked to the library and back (about a mile either way)
and will be walking to the store later.
im not sure how often i will be posting during christmas vacation, but i promise that it will be back up to every day once school starts again.
i wouldnt want to let everyone down now would i? =)
im planning on just steering clear of food for the rest of the day.
i will be water fasting for three days come monday, wish me luck!!!
i can feel it coming off, someone told me yesterday that i was adorable.
makes you feel good.
i talked to my boyfriend last night about my "diet" and he was all "Amy, i dont want you to think that just because im really tall and skinny, you have to be like me, i love you no matter what." he also managed to throw in there that "if i wanted to lose weight, he wasnt going to stop me"
dylon is 6 feet, 4 inches, and weighs 150 pounds
and im not supposed to compete with that.
i love him though, hes an amazing person.
im inviting anyone reading this to follow me,
i could use a support net.
just to keep me going when it's really hard, ya know?
so just click the little button!!!
comment me if you want, i always love reading what you have to say!
oh, and thanks for the advice and support on my last post.
love you all
i bid the farewell for now.

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  1. you got it lady! if you ever feel like chatting live, i don't know if you use aim or not but mine is ch3ryll3igh, i am just as in need of support.

    in regards to your boyfriend, EVERYONE i have ever dated has had an "underweight" bmi. its obvious that's what i'm attracted to :) yeah it's hard not to compete and i love it when they tell you they'd love you if you weighed 300 lbs but they get delight out of squeezing your hipbones and shit. they want to make sure you feel loved so that you can keep being beautiful. i personally adore that my guy supports my pro-ana behavior, he doesn't know how deep it goes, i would never tell him that i relapsed but he shares my view points and doesn't fight me at all.

    have fun with your foodless holiday. talk to you soon.