Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Wednsday...

i went over to crystals house after school yesterday...
we hung out for a while,
sadly, i kept hoping that adam would come home. and when he didnt, we went to him.
we walked outside...and it was snowing, for the first time in more than 4 years!
everything is so much prettier covered in snow.
my mom got uber pissed at me for not calling and locked me out of the house for like...10 minutes. she hasnt said much to me at all since then.
im waiting for Adam to call again,
want him to come see me.
want to touch him.
want him to keep me warm.
im hoping something more than a one night stand will come out of this, not saying that i love him, or will ever love him, but i could definately pull a winter fling with him. holding hands, and kissing, and holding each other
why does it always have to be about sex with guys?
why cant it ever just be soft, and sweet?
i dont understand.
i like the king of one night stands, and im hoping to not turn out to be another notch in his bedpost i guess.
i really like him, and now that crystal is cool with it, i think something might happen,
he should definately stay sober more often , hes waaaay funnier when he's sober.

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