Tuesday, December 9, 2008


ok, so i have Dylon, right? who by the way told me that he's in love with me last night. i got goosebumbs when i heard him say it.
and then there's adam...
the one that i was making out with at the party a few weeks ago...
well, ive managed to do it again.
only i was sober
he was drunk
but he grabbed me
so i didnt initiate it
although i may have provoked it a little
just a little...
i dont know.
wont say he isnt very good looking,
maybe ill get his picture and post it within the next few days?
he came over the other night, and we did some stuff that totally shouldnt be done between a girls best friend and a girls brother.
i have a little school girl crush...
i know he's a self professed alcoholic.
he drinks non stop.
what the hell is wrong with me?
one day i have no decisions, and the next day, i have to choose what to do between my boyfriend and the older brother of my best friend.
i live in a soap opera.
"girl meets boy, boy turns out to be best friends brother, girl gets drunk, makes out with boy...twice...okay, more than twice, more like 10 or 11 times...girl remembers she has a boyfriend that she loves with all of her heart."
tune in next week for another exciting edition of ..... "waaaay too young to be screwing a 22 year old."

the crazy thing is that i talked to crystal about it. and she says she really doesnt mind.
granted, i didnt tell her the whole thing.
just that her brother called me, and some of the stuff that he told me,
like im cute as a button,
and some of the more innocent stuff.
not anything like "i want to throw you down and cover you in sweet kisses."
he did say that, by the way.

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