Monday, September 29, 2008

...And Mondays still suck...

so im pretending to be someone else on air g (this website where mark has a profile, kind of like a chatline for your cellphone). A girl named Maurita who is hitting on mark.
"so a nice looking guy like you must have some kind of girlfriend"
"nope, we broke up a while ago"
he tells me to my face that he loves me and that he cares about me, and then when he meets some other girl he gets all nice and completely forgets that he used me to get off the night before.
but for some reason i cant walk away.
its almost like im addicted to him.
i just wish the feeling was mutual.
i feel really used by him...
the dreams i have of him are unrealistic, and ridiculious.
but i cant stop having them.
i wish i could find something in my life that is steady, and doesnt wobble as much as i do.
my life lately is crazy hectic.
with work, and school, and the hurricane, and missing a period, and mark, and justin, i have a lot more on my plate than i can eat.
i need to get rid of a lot of stuff.
but im so attached to it all....
i hate my english teacher, btw.
shes a stupid hillbilly biker woman with no imagination whatsoever.
its annoying how she would rather talk about her weekend, and how she rode her motorcycle than actually teach the class.

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