Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Morning...the morning after.


so he called me last night, just as i was pulling my algebra homework out of my bag.

needless to say, i neglected the algebra.

and failed it this morning when we graded it.

56. my mother would be proud of me.


mark called, and we were talking about something...and he said "once you turn 21 you're mine, i just thought you should know that."

and when i asked him what that meant i got "im going to ask you to be with me."

he said he already has the date all planned out...


he found a bunch of kittens.

he named the fat one Ralph. he said it's funny because all of the other kittens are jumping and playing, and Ralph doesnt jump as high, and he has problems moving around because he's so fat.

he said that ralph got all excited when it was dinner time.


it was a very enlightening conversation.

he was talking about his cat, Sidney.

he loves that cat.

i love him for loving that cat.

he loves dakota, too. i know he does.

he says "ill never play transformers with her again"

"why?" i ask

"because she cheats"

i think its adorable.

him and his god daughter, and all of his animals, and his fat kitten, and the fact that he thinks about our future together.

but should i feel bad about justin?

im the one who said i love you to him first.

and now i regret was during hurricane ike, not too long after the electricity, and i was going crazy...

Mark was the one who said it to me first.

and it still feels amazing when he does it.

but justin on the other hand.... not my type.

he's too sweet, and when he tries to be an asshole, its like he hits waaaaay below the belt, and then tries to make up for it!

he sucks at being a dick.

He's only made me laugh a couple of times.

whereas mark makes me laugh every day.

i like the fact that it's getting to where he calls me every night.

and yet in the mornings, when Justin calls me, im getting to where i ignore it the first time, and i pick up (reluctantly) the second time.


hopefully i can figure this out without hurting anyone too bad in the longrun.

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