Tuesday, September 23, 2008


it's so disgusting the way im acting
i lied to justin when mark called last night
"my brothers calling, hold on"
and then i left him there, on the other line, for god knows how long.
crystal hasnt been at school for two days now, and im beginning to freak out, i miss my buddy.
he read me two poems he wrote,
in spanish and in english,
he knows about my spanish teacher thing...
i wont go into details with that however.
i havent worked since sunday, and im beginning to get pissed.
im calling up there on my off period.
because i need some kind of money
even though after two hours in that place, im ready to tear my hair out and stuff it down some one's throat.
im going to start writing again, and i have the most algebra homework ive had since the school year started.
he still makes fun of me for being in high school, but that makes one less lie ive told someone.
i havent talked to my brother in forever...
wonder how hes doing.
i got a text message from kimmi last night about how she went to bobbys house to eat dinner, and they laid in bed together and woke up together, and she was so happy when he told her that he loves her,
why on earth would i want to hear about my ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend?
oh yeah...because that comes with the territory of "being friends"
i dont hate her, id rather have her as a friend than as nothing at all, but it still hurts to hear about her with him,
hes not good enough for her,
she is turning right back into the person i fell in love with a year and a half ago...
shes the only person ive really ever loved...
her and mark...
but im not even sure that mark counts.
maybe so.
making her smile makes me happy, makes being around her so much easier, makes smiling not so hard,
i love making her laugh...

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