Wednesday, September 10, 2008


so theyre saying they might shut down our school for the hurricane...ike is my new best friend.
i got to talk to Mark last night after i got out of the shower. he sent me a text message that said "guess what i did last night" and then went into detail about some lude sexual act that he commited with two different girls in public at the SAME TIME. eww. i think he told me because he thought it would turn me on, because he says that it turns him on to think about me with another guy. i havent told him about what really happened with my neighbor this summer...and last week. i told him i didnt do it. i lied. and i did it again last friday. and i have to say it was amazing. but i didnt tell Mark because i feel like its none of his business. he claims to own me. i let him think that. it gets him off when he hears me say stuff like "you own me, i belong to you" he has a sick, morbid fascination with being the master of another person. but at the same time, hes also told me that he loves me....make sense? im not sure yet.
i wish raymond would stop being so creepy...
so we got a new manager at the place where i work, shes a dumb bitch.
she sure knows how to boss around another person, but at the same time, she has not an effing clue what to do. shes an idiot, and i have absoloutely no respect for her or anyone like her.

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