Tuesday, September 9, 2008


i got a call from the only person my heart jumps for last night.
i didnt answer it though...i was too busy sleeping. and his ringtone is so quiet! so i sent him a text message this morning...
his name is Mark,
and he tends to be amazing.
we had to write an epic in english class, and i swear i wrote about him.
he was my...inspiration.
the whole moroccan prison thing was kind of cool.
im seriously hoping i dont have to work today.
i need to go to the bank and put that paycheck in there.
its ridiculious how the hardest jobs pay the smallest salaries.
Justin usually calls to wake me up in the mornings, but i guess he forgot today, oh well, he overslept and then text me with some lame excuse.
me and kimmi were standing pretty close yesterday, closer than normal friends stand.
but she has a boyfriend...
but i miss her to death, even though her looks have gone.
i used to be prettier too.
but now im apparently just a "gender confused lesbian"
oh well.....
you get over it.
ill write later.

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