Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ike beat us like Tina

imagine having the lights go off at 6pm, not long before it gets dark.
imagine having to walk your legally blind mother to the bathroom with nothing but a flashlight.
i love my mom...but im not sure all of that is worth it.
Justin and i are saying "i love you" now.
although i think im just saying it to say it
i miss xander
and then theres the man who calls himself Michael, what his real name is no one knows.
but i cant understand a word he says.
hee hee.
so were just sitting in class, the stupid absence doesnt even count today.
i could be asleep RIGHT NOW
Mark read me the most beautiful poem last night, he said it was one of his favorites, it started off something like "tonight i can write the saddest lines"
i almost cried by the time he was finished.
my god im such a pansy.

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