Friday, September 26, 2008

i wanna hold your hand <3

i walked with Kimmi from english to computer class, she kept touching my hair.
"awwww, look at your little pony tail"
it seems like shes the only one who notices it when i make subtle changes to my hair, or clothes.
and i remember that she smelled sooooo good.
shes the only person ive ever been in love with.
she made my tummy jump, and my heart skip beats. when i could make her laugh, it was an amazing feeling. When i could make her feel better....when she called me to cheer her up...when she kissed me...
when i kissed her...
when we kissed each other...

I told Mark that i want a little girl and i want to name her know what he said? "do you want me to give you a little girl?"
he wants a baby with me...
before, the only time he said sweet things to me was when he was trying to get me off, now we can actually have a conversation and the sweet things will just fall out of his mouth.

Justin is sad
because i told him i think that hes moving too fast...the truth is, i feel ok about hurting him.
i dont care about him. i was perfectly fine this week, hardly talking to him
he doesnt make my tummy jump...

work is killing me.
im so busy lately that i dont have time to sit down. im really proud of myself though, because ive managed pretty well, sure, i fall asleep in some classes, but that's expected, and sure, i dont turn in any homework for my SAT prep class, but no one does that stupid homework. i hate that class, and it's too late to drop it. i havent understood a word the damn teacher has said since the first day i walked into the classroom. I hate my english teacher too. shes too caught up in dancing, and her little cheerleader daughter...she pisses me off.

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